At long jump I jumped so far. All you do is run, jump and land in the sand.
You leap and land on two feet. I was good at it. I felt nervous when it was
my turn. The long jump was by the hedge on the field. By Joseph.

At long jump it was windy and cold. It was by the hedge.
You need to jump on one foot and land on two feet.
Put your head forward and you will land in sand. I really like it. By Stanleigh

When we got to the field we had to throw a discus.
We had to place it in our hands. It was very heavy like weights.
I was feeling excited. Then she said throw and we threw it.
They went in the air like flying saucers. It was amazing. By Mya

At long jump we had to do a run and jump on two feet. It’s amazing.
We were by the hedge. I felt excited. By Felix

Athletics. Someone threw the shot put. It went a little bit far.
I threw, it was so far it was like a catapult. It was amazing. It was on the field. By Tom

We were on the field at long jump. You have to jump on one foot, land on two.
Then you go t…

Wheels Day

Weetbix Tryathlon - by Lucy, Kaiden,Taylor, Maggie  Jamie

I got to go to the tryathlon at Palmerston North. I got to go in Maggies car with my mum. On the way there Maggie and me said go away sun! On the way there we got trapped by road workers!

We put all of our gear in the area where we put up bikes swimming and stuff like that. I got to have weetbix for breakfast and Maggie got a little pot of yogurt. It was only because Maggie does not like weet-bix!

The three things that everyone at the tryathlon had to do was swimming, biking and running. When I was racing I got stuck behind little kids that were really slow! I was so angry when that happened. I said in my head, 'Hurry up little kids!'  Maggie had beaten me.

Everyone got a medal after they had completed the swim, the bike and the run. After I had finished the tryathlon I got an ice-cream! The flavour of my ice-cream was strawberry! I had fun.
By Taylor
On Tuesday I went to the tryathlon. Taylor came in our car there and ba…
We have been learning to make our writing more interesting by using similes.
We had some interesting rocks to look at. Here are some of our similes :

The gold rock is as sparkly as a crystal. Kaiden
The bumpy rock is hard like steel. Harry
The sparkly rock is colourful like a rainbow. Jamie
My shiny rock is as pointy as a crystal. Lucas
My shiny rock is as white as the clouds. Sean
The rough rock is as cold as ice. Tom
The spiky rock is like a sword. Jonty
The gold rock is hard like glass. Felix
The smooth rock is like paper. Joseph
My rock is colourful like a rainbow. Noah
The pointy rock is sharp like a rocket. Blake
The black rock is damp like coal. Stanleigh

My rock is glittery like glitter, it shines like the sun. Loryssa
My red rock is as pointy as a mountain. Maggie
The patched rock is as clear as ice. Brenna
The white rock is as rough as tar-seal. Lucy
My soft rock is clear like the water. Maisie
The sharp rock is brown like fire. Katie
The patched rock is multi-coloured like th…

Super Swimming Sports Similes

At swimming sports we hopped in the pool, it was as freezing as ice and somebody swam up to me like a shark. Tom

At swimming sports I went as fast as lightning. Joseph

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, “Oh dear” I yelled, my tooth fell out, it was as white as a cloud. Jamie

Suddenly I bumped into Mya. Alex

Suddenly bang, Jamie crashed into me. Brenna

I was as nervous as a fish just about to get eaten by a shark. Lucas

It was swimming sports, when I touched the water I froze because it was as cold as ice. Sean

Hurry up yelled Mrs Portman, as I got into the pool I froze like and iceberg. Blake

At swimming sports there were really loud like a whale splashing the water.     Harry

At swimming sports I was as cold as an iceberg. Lucy S

I was as nervous as a jellyfish. Taylor

When I got in I froze, it was as cold as an iceberg. Maggie

Suddenly my Mum scared me. Emily.

When I got in the pool at swimming sports it was freezing like ice. Mya

When we got in it was cold like an iceberg. Loryssa

When I hopped out I was as…

We are all unique!

We have been very busy again.
We made a flower with all of our hands. It looks amazing Thank you Mrs. Olynsma for helping us.

On Thursday I got my cast off.  There was a machine it was really ticklely.  I was trying not to laugh.
We all clapped since he got his cast off.  (Lucas)
When Lucas got his cast off we all shouted, "Yeah Lucas you have got your cast off!"  Then he started to laugh. (Sean)

Jonty got some platforms in the pool so he can touch the bottom of the big pool.  Now he can go in the big pool. (Stanleigh)
I can swim with my class and my group and it's fun.  The island goes in the water. (Jonty)

On Friday I went swimming with my buddy class, it was very fun and we made a whirlpool with a noodle. (Mya)

I played Mathletics and I am on a Level 2.  I versed Jonty and someone and I came second.  I versed five people and I came first. (Felix)

I love maths because me and my class Room 4 get to do target number. Today we did number 12 and I did a lot …


We did graphs.

We asked how many children in our families?
We wrote our answer on a piece of paper.
We got into blobs of people with the same number of children in our families.
We made lines on the ground with our paper.
We drew on the carpet with chalk to make a bar graph.
The highest number of children in a family was 6.
8 families have 2 children.

We thought of more questions to ask so we could get to know each other more and more.
We asked questions like ...
What is your favourite pet?
What is your favourite sport?
What is your favourite video game?

 We did a tally graph.

We made bar graphs.

We worked in a team. We helped each other. When we work in a team we make others smarter. We worked together.

The spelling tests were really fun. We want to do them again.

Totara Reserve and Harold

Totara Reserve
The whole entire school went to Totara Reserve.
We had morning tea in the shade.
We did some activities with our buddy class. We went for a bush-walk and played on the playground. We did some relays with balls, bats and hoops. Then we went for a scavenger hunt. We had to find a yellow flower, a straight stick, a leaf skeleton, a live bug, a heart-shaped rock, four pieces of human hair, a feather and a piece of rubbish. We had to hit the big ball and had a turn with the parachute.
We used our senses to think about the environment. We wondered : Why are there so many cicada shells? How many cicadas were there? Where was the river? Could I learn more maths here?
We had lunch.
We went swimming in the river. It was cold like ice. It was shallow. I could see the bottom. The stones were sharp and hard. It was windy. It was rough.
Then we made rock sculptures and played with the sand.
We got changed, had some more lunch and came back to Halcombe School.
We had a fun, awesome, g…