Totara Reserve and Harold

Totara Reserve
The whole entire school went to Totara Reserve.
We had morning tea in the shade.
We did some activities with our buddy class. We went for a bush-walk and played on the playground. We did some relays with balls, bats and hoops. Then we went for a scavenger hunt. We had to find a yellow flower, a straight stick, a leaf skeleton, a live bug, a heart-shaped rock, four pieces of human hair, a feather and a piece of rubbish. We had to hit the big ball and had a turn with the parachute.
We used our senses to think about the environment. We wondered : Why are there so many cicada shells? How many cicadas were there? Where was the river? Could I learn more maths here?
We had lunch.
We went swimming in the river. It was cold like ice. It was shallow. I could see the bottom. The stones were sharp and hard. It was windy. It was rough.
Then we made rock sculptures and played with the sand.
We got changed, had some more lunch and came back to Halcombe School.
We had a fun, awesome, g…

Our First Week 2019

Our classroom is called Room 4.

We have had a really busy week. Our teacher is awesome, her name is Mrs. Portman.

Our classroom has been hot because our heatpump broke down, it was dripping. We snuck into another classroom and it was nice and cool. The heatpump has been fixed, now it is nice and cool in Room 4 too.

We have done lots of tests.
We have been having swimming lessons. We have practised floating, freestyle, starfish, floating on our back and kicking like lemonade.
We have been doing lots of reading. Mrs. Portman is reading 'The Treasure Tree' to us. We have practised Read to Self and Read to Someone. We used a Y-chart to talk about what it would lokk like, sound like and feel like.

We made a treaty and signed our names. Our treaty is our class agreement.

Te Tiriti o Ruma Wha

Treat others how you want to be treated

Be kind Be friendly Be positive Be honest Be helpful Be a risk taker Be inclusive Be respectful

If we do these things ….
we will be a happy class.
We have been maki…